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Different Type Of Stone Countertops

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If want to replace your laminate countertop with a stone one, then you will want to take a look at what your options are. Stone countertops are beautiful and durable. However, each has their own set of unique issues. Before tearing out your current countertop, examine the options you have.


Quartz is an extremely tough stone. It is also comes in many colors. While quartz countertops are stone, they are not quarried like other stone countertops. Instead, the quartz countertops are made by compressing ground up quartz rock. A chemical binder is also used to help keep the counter together.

They are then cut into slabs for kitchen counters and then polished.

The benefits include a really dazzling look. You will see reds, pinks, greens, violets, and all other shades available. Another benefit is that you don't have to worry about sealing the top.


Granite is real stone that has been quarried not created. So, if you want "the real thing", you will prefer granite to quartz. Granite also has a beautiful look. When it is polished, it shows beautiful color variations.

You will have to seal the granite so that it does not stain.


Marble countertops have a very distinct look. If you want the classic "marble" style, then there is really no substitute. Like granite, it is also a real stone. It is cut whole, polished, and installed. One issue with marble, however, is that it can stain if it is not sealed properly. While granite can also stain, stains on marble are more likely to show because of the white color. Make sure you clean up any food or wine that spills on it.

Marble is also softer than granite. This means you should use a cutting board. You don't want to cut vegetables directly on the marble.

One big advantage that marble has is that it is very smooth. This is why many bakers use marble in their kitchens. If you enjoy making bread, pie crusts, or anything pastry that needs to be rolled out, then marble is fantastic.


Many people consider Travertine a type of marble. In actuality it is limestone. It has been used for thousands of years in construction. There are some castles made of travertine that are still standing.

Travertine has a look that is neither as sparkly as granite, nor as polished as marble. It has a more uniform color. It is also much more porous than other stone materials, so it will need to be sealed in order to prevent stains.