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How Commercial Air Conditioning Reduces The Number Of Employee Sick Days And Worker's Compensation Claims

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Air conditioning in a factory or industrial setting is not just about employee comfort. In fact, really good commercial air conditioning can impact your employee sick day stats and the number of worker's compensation claims. If you never thought of commercial air conditioning in this way, take another look.

Heat-Related Illnesses

During the hot summer, or anytime of the year in the Southernmost parts of the United States, industrial and factory workplaces get intolerably uncomfortable. If your plant does not have air conditioning, your employees could get:

  • heat cramps, which are incredibly painful cramps that affect the muscles, but often strike the abdomen
  • heat syncope, which causes your employees to faint
  • heat exhaustion, where the body is struggling to cool itself and cannot
  • heat stroke, which is the most serious heat-related illness of all and may require bed rest and transport to the hospital

Any of these could result in increased absences from work, as well as potential worker's compensation claims because it is too dangerous for these individuals to return to work and not suffer the same illnesses again.

Injuries Related to Heat and Lack of a Comfortable Working Environment

During heat stroke or heat syncope, an employee who is particularly susceptible to high heat and humidity could faint and hit his or her head on a cement floor, or tumble down a flight of stairs. Now you not only have a heat-related illness on your company's hands, but you also have a concussion, or even broken bones. These situations definitely lead to worker's compensation claims, disability claims, and potential lawsuits. You can avoid all of that simply by installing commercial air conditioning and providing your employees with a very comfortable work environment.

Evaluating the Cost of Air Conditioning vs. Lost Employee Benefits

When you consider how much it costs to hire an HVAC contractor to install air conditioning throughout your plant, and what it costs monthly to keep things cool and comfortable during the most uncomfortable months of the year, you will see it is far less than paying out employee sick days, loss of employee hours, short term disability benefits, and worker's compensation claims. If the employees add a lawsuit to that mix, you could have paid for air conditioning installation several times over.

The Time to Install Is Now

Although most of the U.S. is currently experiencing winter and cooler temperatures, the time to install commercial air conditioning is now. Get ahead of any delays or employee issues by having it installed from a company like Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc. while the plant is still reasonably comfortable. That way, all you have to do on the first hot day is flip a switch and reap the benefits of keeping your employees healthy, safe and cool.