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2 Snow Removal Options To Consider

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Snow removal is one of the biggest hassles of owning a home, particularly if you live in an area that gets massive amounts of snow every year. Two snow removal options to consider that can make your snow removal task a lot easier are dark abrasive materials and innovative snow shovels.

Dark Abrasive Materials

Putting abrasive materials, such as sand, on your driveway and sidewalks has always been a great way to provide traction for anyone walking or driving. However, sand doesn't do very much when it comes to dealing with the snow itself, and it can cause any storm drains in near your sidewalk to become clogged when the sand is washed away. 

The good news is that you can buy dark abrasive materials that will provide traction, while still helping you to get rid of your snow. For example, you can use black wood ash to provide a radiant heating effect. Black wood ash is going to absorb the heat from the sun, which will in turn cause the snow underneath and around the ash to melt.

Sure, you can purchase ice melt to melt the snow in the same fashion, but that option isn't very environmentally friendly. Many of the chemicals utilized in ice melt products are harmful to pets and plant life, and they can cause your car to rust. However, black wood ash does not have any chemicals that can harm any plant or animal life in the area, and it will not clog any storm drains when it is washed away. 

Innovative Snow Shovels

While removing snow manually with a shovel can be a pain, there are a variety of snow shovels available that use innovative designs in order to make the task much easier. For example, you can buy a snow shovel that is on wheels.

This works by allowing you to easily push the shovel like a plow to gather the snow, then tilt the shovel back onto the wheels to move and dump the snow wherever you like. This option is ideal for people with large driveways that need to be shoveled, as well as for people that do not want to put unnecessary strain on their backs.

Another great shovel option is the type that incorporates a second handle to help lift the snow. The second handle is often adjustable and allows you to lift and remove snow without having to bend down as you would with a traditional snow shovel.

Visit your local home improvement store in order to see your many snow removal options. Innovative snow shovels can make clearing your snow much easier on your back, while dark abrasive materials can be used to melt through radiant heating.

If snow shoveling is, for whatever reason, out of the question for you, contact a snow removal service (such as AP Enterprises Property Services).