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Four Classic Roofing Ideas With Modern Materials For Historic Restorations

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Conventional asphalt roofing products have been around since the early 1900s, but before their invention, other materials were used to roof homes. These materials can be things like wood shakes, metal shingles and other materials. If you are restoring a historic home, you may want to preserve the historic look of these materials. There are modern products that you can use to keep the historic look and still have a modern roofing solution.

Here are four types of roofing products that you can use for your historic renovations:

1. Stamped Metal Shingles For Historic Renovations

Metal has long been used as a roofing solution for homes. Today, metal roofing products come in many different styles. Some of these styles resemble the metal roofing shingles that were used on homes before asphalt shingles were invented. You can also find stamped metal products that look like slates, shakes and other classic roofing materials.

2. Standing Seam Metal Roofing Solutions For A Classic Look

Standing seam metal roofs are sheets of metal that run down the slope of the roof and have a seam connecting the metal panels. These look great on historic renovations and can provide other benefits, such as being resistant to storm and wind damage. These materials can also be powder coated, which makes them resistant to decay, and they are a great replacement for older materials like unfinished tin roofing.

3. Treated Wood Shake Roofing Products To Replace Real Wood Shakes

If you have a historic home with wood shakes, these can require a lot of maintenance and repairs. The wood shakes may even need to be replaced on your home. Today, you have treated shake materials that are ideal for different climates, and will provide you with an ideal replacement option for real wood shakes. If you want to preserve the look of wood shakes, treated shake materials are a great option to reroof you home.

4. Synthetic Shakes, Slates And Shingles With Composite Roofing

Composite materials that are made from recycled plastics and other materials are also available for roofing. You can get things like synthetic slate and shakes made from these composite roofing materials. These materials will require little maintenance and can be more durable than the real thing. If you are looking for a modern roofing material, synthetic roofing will provide you with the look of the real materials, and in many cases even cost less to have installed.

These are some of the modern roofing products that you may want to use for an historic renovation. If you need help check out this page and choose the right materials for your home. Contact a professional roofing contractor and ask them about using some of these products on your home.