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Three Exciting Types of Construction Jobs

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Are you someone who enjoys building things but doesn't want to spend their life building houses or working on roadways? Here are three other types of construction jobs that offer exciting opportunities for you to put your skills to use.

Marine Construction

If you enjoy being on or near the water, you might want to check into marine construction. You'll be able to build things in and along some of the most exciting waterways in the world including the Great Lakes, the Persian Gulf, the Mississippi River, the Atlantic Ocean, and many more cool places.

While many people might think marine construction is all about building and repairing piers, docks, seawalls, and bridges, it encompasses much more. They build fun things like golf courses along waterways and can play a key role in the protection of old lighthouses. Some contractors who work in marine construction aid in offshore developments to help build oil platforms for offshore drilling sites and also offshore wind farms.

Heavy Industrial Construction

If you think running some of the heaviest, biggest, loudest equipment in the world sound like fun, you might want to look into heavy industrial construction. Those who work in this sector of construction are responsible for working on huge projects such as building nuclear plants, refineries, steel mills, and extensive pipeline systems.

Working in heavy industrial construction will give you the opportunity to work all around the world. Some recent construction projects have included a power plant in Kazakhstan, a new airport in Oman, coal plants in India, and industrial plants in South Korea.

Renewable Energy Construction

If you have concerns about the planet and want to do your part to help its inhabitants decrease their carbon footprint and find earth-friendly alternative forms energy, you might want to consider renewable energy construction.

With the rising popularity of solar energy, many businesses are needing solar panels placed on their rooftops that enable them to draw power from the sun while cutting their energy costs. As of 2013, over 32,000 businesses, nonprofit organizations and government organizations in the United States alone have begun using solar power. Many companies in renewable construction are also busy building wind power facilities and geothermal power plants.

Whether you are looking to work near the water, operate some of the largest construction equipment all over the world or do your part to help the environment, there is a an exciting job in construction for you, such as Abbott's Construction Services Inc.