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4 Unique Glass Shower Doors To Consider

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If you are planning on updating your bathroom, you might want to consider adding new glass shower doors. Glass will protect the rest of your bathroom from water, but also provides a sleek look for your bathroom. Here are some of the more unique types of glass shower doors.

Frameless Door

The first type of glass shower door you can get for your bathroom is a frameless door. The traditional glass sower doors are sliding doors that have a metal frame around them. With a frameless door, that metal frame around the door is non-existent. To accommodate for the lack of support, frameless doors are made from thick glass that is usually tempered. The lack of frame provides a modern and sleek look in your bathroom. It can also help you see any shower or bathtub tilework you want to showcase.

Bi-fold Door

Some of the glass shower doors available are not unique in their appearance but in how they open up. One example is with the bi-fold door. This is a neat door that is perfect when you have a wide opening for getting into the shower but don't have the space in the bathroom for a door that swings open. The bi-fold door folds in the center to allow you to open it toward the inside of the shower, get in, and then close it. This door is also sometimes referred to as a butterfly door.

Glass Tub Enclosure

This glass shower door is actually meant for a stand-alone bathtub. It is rare to have anything around a bathtub other than a shower curtain, but you can also get a glass enclosure. It is very interesting looking when you walk in your bathroom and see a glass enclosure with a glass door around your bathtub. It is a frameless style door that provides an enclosure around the top of the bathtub's edge to allow you to have your bathtub without water damaging the floor in your bathroom.

Pivoting Door

Another glass shower door style that is unique in how it opens is the pivoting door. Unlike the doors that slide back and forth, this door will open out to let you walk right into your shower. It is ideal for shower-only models, not for shower and bathtub combos. The pivoting door comes in many styles and colors, often offering the ability to have frosted or colored glass. You will need a slightly larger bathroom to accommodate the pivoting door.

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