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Three Ideas For Adding Built-In Shelving To Your Home

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Perhaps you just moved into a new home, and upon unpacking, you've found that there's not enough storage room for all of your items. Maybe you've lived in your home for years, and you're tired of piling items on the floor when you run out of space. In either situation, adding some built-in shelving for storage is a great solution. Here are three ideas to use as inspiration as you consider built-in shelving for your home.

Add a corner shelving unit.

A triangle-shaped shelving unit that fits into the corner of a room is more than just a place to stash extra items. It's a true part of your home decor and works perfectly in almost all homes. You can add little doors to some of the shelves so you have some concealed storage and some open shelving. Hide unattractive items like movies and electronics cords behind the closed doors and display items like candles on the shelves.

A corner shelving unit is also good for storing your "good" china in the dining room. Just make sure the shelves are wide enough that the dishes don't fall off.

Build shelving into your bathroom.

Do you find yourself short on space for towels, sheets, toiletries, and the like? If you add shelving to your bathroom, you can store these items there, freeing up space in your linen or hall closet for other items. A good place for some built-in shelving in the bathroom is on the wall adjacent to the shower. If your shower surround does not come all of the way to the wall, you can even have some shelves added to the back (outside) of it.

Add shelving above your windows.

This idea really only works if your windows begin a foot or more from the ceiling. You can have shelves built into the wall above the windows. Store items like clocks, candles, and books up there. A display of books, held up with book ends, looks fun and artistic above a window. Bathroom items, like towels and toiletries, can be stored on shelves above windows in the bathroom or hall leading to the bathroom. If you have plenty of space about your windows, you can even have two shelves mounted.

When it comes to adding built-in shelves around your home, the sky (or maybe the ceiling) is the limit. Picture your rooms with shelves added in various places, and ask yourself two questions: "What could be stored here?" and "Would it look nice?" If you like your answers, go ahead and have those shelves built.