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3 Home Renovation Projects with an Excellent Rate of Return on Your Investment

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If you own an older home that needs updating, or you have recently purchased a fixer upper, you may not know which renovation project to start on first. There is no doubt that home renovations can be quite expensive, and most homeowners don't have an unlimited remodeling budget. If you want to get the most for your renovation investment, consider starting with these projects.

New Steel Entry Door

An old, worn out entry door can be an eyesore, but the good news is that a new door instantly improves the look of your home, and you will get an excellent return on your investment. In fact, installing a new steel entry door is one of the most cost effective home renovation projects that you can tackle, and you can expect to recoup 101.8% of your costs. Yes, that is right, if you install a new steel entry door now you will actually get back the money you spent purchasing and installing the door and make a little bit of extra money when you sell your house.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows typically are not energy efficient, especially if they are single-pane, and most old windows do a poor job blocking outside noise. Installing new windows is a great home renovation project, because you will reap the rewards each month in savings on your utility bill since new windows will better insulate your house and help prevent your air conditioner or heater from running as much. In addition, new energy efficient windows are very appealing to buyers, so when you sell your house you can expect to recoup between 72.9% (vinyl windows) to 78.8% (wood windows) of the cost of replacing the windows in your home.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

An old outdated kitchen is not aesthetically pleasing, and it may not be very easy to cook in either. Luckily, you can make a big impact and add a lot of value to your home without gutting your whole kitchen and starting from scratch. On average, a minor kitchen remodel will bring you a return of 79.3% of what you spend on the project, and it will also make your home much more appealing to buyers when you decide to sell. Most of a minor kitchen remodel involves cosmetic work, such as replacing counter tops, buying new appliances, updating the flooring material, and having the cabinets refinished or replacing the cabinet doors.

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