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How To Install Glass Shower Doors

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If you have a traditional shower and bathtub basin, there are many great ways to upgrade. One of the most popular upgrades is to install a glass shower door. This a great addition to the room, especially if you currently have a shower rod and curtain system. A glass shower door will add a little bit of elegance to your bathroom. At the same time, sliding glass doors are much more water resistant and easier to clean than curtains. Most bathtub basins are standard sizes, so you can get an easy-to-install kit at a home improvement store. This article explains how to install glass shower door kits.

Measure Before You Buy

While most bathtub basins are generally the same size, there are many variations, especially in custom homes. The most important measurement is from wall to wall. You need to know this so you can find a kit that will fit. In most cases the aluminum or vinyl tracks will still need to be cut, but this is simple with a hacksaw.

Cut the Tracks to Size

So the first step is to cut the tracks to size. You will only need to cut the top and bottom tracks. The side piece (or jambs) should be the right height. Be very careful when cutting the pieces to not make them too short. If the top track is too short, it might not be able to securely attach to the side jambs. This can be very dangerous once you hang the glass doors from the track.

Install the Tracks

Once all the tracks are the right length, you can secure them to bathtub basin. The bottom track will have adhesive backing, so it can be attached to the bathtub basin without any fasteners. You don't want to drill through the basin, because water could get into the holes. The side jambs also have adhesive backs, but they will need to be screwed to the wall too. Use a level to make sure they are square before you peel away the adhesive sticker. Before you add any screws, attach the top piece and see how it fits. Use the level to make sure the top track is level.

If everything checks out, add screws to the side tracks. There will be predrilled holes in the track that allow you to secure it with no fuss. Just make sure you use the right type of screws (ie drywall, masonry etc.) for whatever type of wall you have.

The process of installing the tracks is not too difficult. If you did everything right, your glass shower doors can be hung very easily in a matter of seconds. If you need professional assistance, contact a company like Shower Doors & More.