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Beyond The Concrete Slab: 3 Tips For Designing The Perfect Patio

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Do you want to install a new patio? The easy way to design your new patio would be to simply have a concrete contractor pour a slab on the back of your house. However, you may want a space that better reflects you and your family and is more accommodating for entertaining your friends and neighbors. If you enjoy spending time outside, you should think of your patio as another room of your house and put the same care and thought into its design as you would your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Here are a few tips to help you give your new patio the character and charm it deserves:

Design a focal point. Every room in your house as a focal point. In your living room, it may be the television. In your bedroom, it's likely the bed. What's the focal point of your patio? Having a focal point will give you and your guests a place to naturally gather and congregate around. A fire pit is a popular option for a patio, especially if you'll enjoy cool evenings outdoors. You could also install a water feature, such as a rock that bubbles up water and lets it flow down the sides.

Another good option is a long dining table with plenty of seating for everyone. You could get one with coolers built in the surface of the table, providing easy access for drinks.

Create some shade and privacy. Is your back yard wide open to the surrounding neighbors? Or is it fully exposed to the sun? One great design idea is to build walls or even a roof to offer some shade and create a barrier between you and your neighbors. For the roof and shade, you could build a full wooden or metal roof. Or you could build a wooden pergola that has slats to offer shade but also allows some light to shine through.

For a privacy wall, consider hanging curtains or drapes from the side of your new roof so you can either pull them shut or keep them open. Or you can build a wooden wall and cover it with hanging plants, allowing you to create privacy but also retain a natural look.

Get creative with the surface. Yes, many patios are made from a plain concrete slab, but that doesn't mean that you have to use a plain slab. Get decorative with the surface to enhance the look. One appealing option is to use brick pavers instead of concrete. You can get bricks in almost any color, so you can customize your surface's appearance. Pavers are also usually more durable than concrete. Plus, if you ever need to replace some pavers or access the area under the patio, you can simply pull the pavers out rather than digging up the entire patio. That will save you big money on future maintenance and repairs.

For more information, contact a professional in your area like American Pressure Cleaning & Sealing that sells pavers. They can help you find the right brick pavers for your patio project.