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Different Aspects to Consider When Remodeling Your Large Bathroom

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Remodeling a large bathroom can come with some challenges. You need to determine where specific pieces will go throughout the room. However, if you consider each area separately, you will have an easier time redesigning the space.

Separate the Toilet Area

One thing to consider is whether you plan to create a separate space for the toilet. With this design option, you can create a small space that will give you additional privacy if you prefer.

Your first option is to build a single wall that blocks the view of the toilet from the door. However, if you want two people to use the space at one time, then you will need to create a small toilet room inside your bathroom. This option offers more privacy because it comes with a door that allows you to close off the area completely.

You can also place additional storage in this room by installing extra cabinets. You can then choose to put items in these cabinets that you prefer to keep out of sight, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and personal products.

Add Storage

Large bathrooms do come with one advantage: additional space for storage. However, you need to think about the type of storage you want since there are many storage options to pick for your large bathroom. You can even choose to mix and match some of these items to create custom storage for your bathroom.

One basic option is to pick a spot within the room and install a large floor-to-ceiling cabinet. This type of cabinet will allow you to keep everything you need in one spot without installing several cabinets to get the same amount of storage space.

Your other option is to choose smaller cabinets that you can spread out throughout the room. With this option, you can have a basic cabinet that goes under the sink and a small cabinet near the shower or bathtub.

Aside from cabinetry, you can use shelves with decorative baskets if you want an open feel to the space. Shelves offer you a place for items such as towels and soaps, while also giving you a spot for decorative items that you want to place in the bathroom.

When you have a large bathroom, you need to consider a few aspects. A separate toilet area and storage are only a few of them, but it is at least a starting point. Once you decide what to do with these areas, you can then make a plan for the rest of the room. For more information, talk to bathroom remodeling companies like Assurance Remodeling.