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3 Ways You Can Use Topsoil Around Your Home

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Homeowners today are constantly looking for simple and effective ways to improve their landscaping. Topsoil works as a conduit to help improve irrigation, fill in existing holes in your yard and grow some of the best plants around. To help you better understand some of the various uses of topsoil, explore the three common uses below to see if this material going to work for you.

Planting Flower or Vegetation Beds

Many people use topsoil to create a flower or vegetation bed. The best way to approach this project and make sure the topsoil and your existing soil mesh is to take about two inches of the new topsoil and mix it together with about four to six inches of your existing soil. By mixing the two together, you can make sure that anything you plant is going to grow and flourish. Make sure you take the time to mix the new topsoil in with the existing soil thoroughly. Essentially, what you are doing is creating a sort of transitional layer that allows the water to drain properly between the soils. Topsoils that contain organic matter tend to work amazingly well when compared to their counterparts.

Improving Drainage

If you have a large chunk of your lawn that constantly harbors water, you can help to improve drainage by incorporating a little topsoil into the problem area. A sandy topsoil mixed with compost tends to work best. You will need to incorporate the new topsoil into your existing soil, so be prepared for a little hard work. You want to go about a foot deep to make sure you get deep enough to get the drainage moving along. If there are any plants in the area, make sure you take them out so you don't destroy them. You can replant them once all is said and done.

Filling in Holes

Many people have areas around their yard that are uneven. If you are looking to even things out and spruce up any bare spots, topsoil can help. Simply add a couple of inches of topsoil into the uneven areas. Pat it down with a shovel and let the grass grow right through that topsoil. When the hole or indention is more than two inches deep, you will have to continue repeating the process a couple of inches at a time.

With so many different uses for topsoil, it makes sense that people are turning to it to correct problems around their home. Contact a contractor, like Purdy Topsoil & Gravel, for more help.