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Asphalt Versus Concrete: Which Is Better For Your Driveway

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If your home has a driveway that is in need of a more permanent surface than its current gravel, then you need to decide if you want to have asphalt or concrete installed. Both surface options have their own advantages and disadvantages depending upon your budget and local climate.

Here is some information to help you choose between asphalt and concrete for your driveway's new surface:

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is less expensive that installing concrete, so it is a good choice for extra-long driveways or roadway surfaces. Asphalt is also a softer surface for your kids to play games on when your cars are not in the driveway.

The downside of asphalt paving is that it has to be sealed each year to retain its structural integrity. If you do not have the asphalt sealed, then it will form cracks and degrade. Also, when asphalt cracks or has other issues, it nearly always has to be professionally repaired.

Asphalt is preferable to concrete in colder climates because it will not crack like concrete will. While concrete is porous, asphalt is not, so the freeze-thaw cycles will not do as much damage to it if you live in an area that has hard freezes in the winter seasons.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete is more expensive than asphalt because it requires more labor to set up the forms and cure the cement into concrete. A concrete driveway can be more expensive upfront to install, but it will not require the yearly maintenance that an asphalt driveway will.

If your home is located in a warmer climate where freezing isn't an issue in the winter, then concrete is a good option. If you would like to add some curb appeal to your home, then the concrete can be custom-tinted or stamped to enhance the look of your property and increase its resale value.

While you do not need to seal concrete each year, you should take the time to regularly wash off any stains from its surface. For colored and stamped concrete driveways, you will need to have them sealed every couple of years with a high-quality concrete sealant product.


As you can clearly see, the best driveway surface for your home depends on many factors. For assistance determining the right driveway surface for your property, pop over to this site or speak with a licensed asphalt or concrete contractor in your local area.