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Weather The Storm: Dos And Don'ts For Handling A Homeowner's Insurance Claim For Hail Damage

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During a vicious thunderstorm, you hear the recognizable sound of hail pinging off your roof. Afterwards, a quick glance at your roof confirms what you expected: hail damage. If your roof requires repair or replacement, you may decide to make a claim against your homeowner's insurance policy. Understand what to do and what not to do when dealing with your insurance company.

Do Have a Copy of Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy 

Make sure that you have a copy of your homeowner's insurance policy on hand. This can help you verify exactly what it covered, what your coverage limits are, and what your deductible is. If the insurance company gives you incorrect information, you can check their claims against your actual policy.

Do Bring Your Own Contractor Out When the Insurance Company Sends an Adjuster Out

When it is time for the insurance company to send an adjuster out, have a trusted roofing contractor come out at the same time. The contractor can confirm or deny what the adjuster says regarding the condition of your home. If the contractor does not agree with the adjuster, it is much easier for the contractor to make a case in person, rather than over the phone or via email.

Don't Use the Insurance Company's Contractor

Your insurance company may try to get you to use its contractor. While it is possible that the contractor does fine roofing work, do not let the company bully you into using someone you are not comfortable with. The goal of your insurance company is to get work done as cheaply as possible, not to make sure that a quality, lasting job is done.

This is your home; you are the one who will live in your home after the repairs are complete. It makes sense to use a reputable roofer that you have complete confidence in for such a major task. 

Don't Accept a Payout Offer That You Don't Agree With

Don't accept a payout that you feel is too low. If the payout proves to be too low to complete the repairs, getting additional funds from the insurance company is a difficult process. Instead, make a case as for why the payout is not high enough. You can have your contractor provide documentation that shows why the cost to complete the roof repair or replacement will be more than the insurance company claims it will be.

After hail damages your roof, you want to make sure the repair work is of the highest quality. Follow these simple tips to effectively deal with your homeowner's insurance company during this trying time. For information on hail damage roof repair, check out websites like