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Diagnosing Common Well Water Pressure Problems With Simple Solutions

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Relying solely on a private water well to keep your home supplied with water is beneficial, but also means the responsibility to tackle issues will usually fall on your shoulders. While most issues with a water well will be a simple fix, none can be more frustrating than dealing with lacking water pressure. Without an ample amount of water pressure, you may find it hard to do even the most basic things inside your home, whether it is taking a shower or washing a load pf laundry because your washing machine refuses to work correctly without ample water pressure. Here is a quick look at a few of the most common well water pressure issues and their likely causes.

Problem: Your water pressure is never consistent.

Cause and Solution: This is probably one of the most common complaints well owners have–especially those who don't have a water holding tank between their well and home and their water is being pumped straight from the well. Usually, varying water pressure just comes along with the pump cycling through its usual process as it kicks on and stops, but if the problem is too severe, it may mean that your water well pump is not priming correctly when it first kicks on, which will cause repeated changes in pressure. 

Problem: The water from your faucets is filled with sputtering air. 

Cause and Solution: It can definitely be frustrating to turn on the faucet and get sprayed with water because there is so much air in the lines. This water pressure issue most often is an indication that the well pump's retrieval line is not situated far enough below water level to avoid picking up air when it is in operation. Lower the pump, if you have a submersible, or lower the retrieval line if you have a jet well pump, and you will likely see a huge difference. 

Problem: You are barely getting a stream of water in the house even though you hear the pump running and know the water level is adequate.

Cause and Solution: If you have already checked water levels in the well in you know the pump is cycling water as it should, be alert to signs of puddles and water around the delivery lines. You could be dealing with a leaking delivery line, which means the majority of the water being pumped from the well is actually getting lost in transit to your home.