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Have Odors In Your Drains? What Dangers To Test For

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If you have noticed that there are odors coming out of the drains around your home and you have never had the plumbing looked at by a professional since you moved to the property, it may be time to look into professional assistance. You can have a plumber come to look at the property to determine what is going on. Here are some of the things that you want completed when the plumber comes to your house to look at the drains, pipes, and the potential problems causing odors.

Drain Cleaning

Bacteria caught in the trap of the drain can cause odors in the bathrooms, kitchens, and different appliances throughout the home. Have the drain cleaned so this harmful bacteria doesn't end up near where your prepare food, brush your teeth, and on items throughout the house. The experts can clean the drain, sanitize the pipes, and check for clogs or other complications. Regular cleaning is great to prevent clogs and deterioration.

Radon Testing

Another household hazard to worry about with the plumbing and drains is radon. Radon is the second leading cause for lung cancer in the nation, and this toxic gas could be coming up through the pipes and the drains in the home. There are a variety of other health risks associated with this condition. You may need a mitigation system installed if radon is a problem.

Water Treatment

If you have problems with your water, hard minerals can be causing strange odors. You'll want to call the water treatment center in your area to see if someone can come to the house to test your drinking water and your tap water, or to see if you have a problem with a well. The plumbing company may also be able to test and treat your water. Purifying the water and removing hard minerals can stop staining, odors, and metal deterioration on fixtures.

There are a lot of different reasons why the water quality in the home may be low, or why you think you smell odors coming out of the drain. You'll want to start researching the problem right away to make sure that you don't have a toxic or hazardous problem throughout the household that you need to worry about. Having your home treated by a company like Royal-T-Rooter Service will improve the resale value and make it safer for all who have to reside in the property and use the water.