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Ten Tips To Keep You Safe During Home Demolition

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If you are doing any remodeling or upgrading, there may be a degree of demolition work required. Before you start hacking-away at walls and fixtures, take some precautions to ensure that everyone in the home remains safe and injury-free.

Ten tips to keep you and your family safe during your home demolition work are:

  1. Stay someplace else. Don't live in a demolition zone; make plans to stay out of the home until the demolition and clean-up is complete.
  2. Make it a kid- and pet-free zone. Keep pets and children out of the area at all costs. Pets can cause accidents and children may be at risk in these dangerous areas. Since this is a temporary situation, ask that kids and pets be prohibited during construction. 
  3. Be smart with ladders. Use proper ladder safety during demo-work, including supporting it against stable surfaces, using the hand-rails, and never standing on the top steps.
  4. Get out your goggles. Don't underestimate the importance of wearing goggles and hard-hats when passing through a demo area. Flying debris can cause an injury in the blink of an eye.
  5. Use tools as intended. Use your home improvement tools as they are intended to avoid potential injury from mishandling.
  6. Don't deal with the asbestos. Don't mess around with asbestos. If your job involves the removal of this insulation material, hire abatement specialists for the task and stay out of your home until the asbestos has been safely removed from your home.
  7. Avoid lead. Wear protective clothing when dealing with old paint and pipes, as these could contain lead.
  8. Wear a mask. Stock-up on safety masks for the debris that will be in the air when removing plaster and insulation materials. Make it a habit of requiring anyone who enters the home to wear the mask--even if passing through.
  9. Get your permits. Make sure to get your permits and check local regulations before taking-on major renovations or remodeling projects. This ensures you won't be faced with removing or demolishing your construction later on.
  10. Reach out to a demolition expert. The safest approach to these home improvements is to hire a demolition expert. Talk with contractors about the costs, time-frame, and details related to demolishing areas of your home for upgrades and refurbishments.

Prevent injuries and keep your family safe during demolition work; hire a professional demolition contractor to ensure the task is done with safety in mind. Use these tips to create a safer environment during extensive home repairs and remodeling.