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Are Concrete Counters Right For Your Kitchen?

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Concrete may not sound like the most likely material for counter construction, but it is becoming more popular as time goes on. Concrete can be finished to a very smooth surface, resembling that of granite or quartz. However, like all counter materials, it has a few downfalls as well. Here's a look at the pros and cons of concrete counters so you can decide for yourself whether they're the best choice for your kitchen.

Pro: Concrete is inexpensive.

Concrete counters cost a small fraction of what you'd pay for quartz, marble, or granite counters. They come at a similar price to solid surface or laminate counters. However, they have a higher-end look than these other inexpensive materials, making them a good choice for homeowners with posh taste but a small budget.

Pro: Concrete counters can be finished however you like.

Your options are almost endless when it comes to finishing the counters. You can opt for solid black or gray if you want your kitchen to have a very modern, sleek look. Or you can have the counters finished to resemble granite; nobody will know the difference unless they inspect them closely. There are even counter makers who will finish counters to look like brick or wood.

Con: Concrete counters have seams.

Assuming you have an average- to large-sized counter, your counter maker will have to make the counters in several segments. There will be seams where the counter pieces come together. This does not bother many homeowners, but if you want the completely seamless look, you'll have to go with another material like solid-surface. There are seam fillers that can be used to help disguise the seams, but you can still see a faint seam even after the fillers have been applied.

Con: Concrete counters are not impervious to heat.

The concrete itself can handle the heat of a warm pot or pan. However, the finish required to give your concrete counters their look is not typically heat-proof. You may get away with putting a hot pan on it once or twice, but doing so repeatedly may discolor the finish in certain areas. Stock up on trivets to prevent heat stains.

To learn more about countertop options, contact a company like House Of Floors. Concrete counters are a very affordable, attractive option if you do not mind the presence of seams and can be careful not to place hot pans on them.