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The Best Roofing Materials For Your Beachfront Home

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Investing in a beach home can provide your family with a place to stay when vacationing near the ocean. Maintaining a beachfront property can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping the roof on your beach home intact.

The roofing materials used on beach houses must be able to withstand exposure to a unique set of climate conditions. Learning about these climate conditions can help you select roofing materials that will provide your beach home with the protection it needs.


The cool ocean breeze might feel good after a hot day, but the wind coming off the water can reach epic proportions. Hurricanes and other tropical storms often bring with them high winds that can damage sub-par roofing materials.

A heavier roofing material, like slate tiles or copper, can be beneficial if your beachfront home is at risk of being exposed to high winds. These heavier roofing materials are less likely to blow off during a storm, ensuring that your home remains waterproof in all weather conditions.


As water molecules from the ocean evaporate, the salt contained within these molecules can become suspended in the air. Salt accumulation can cause significant property damage. A buildup of salt on your beachfront home's roof could lead to corrosion that might compromise the watertight seal of the roof over time.

You need to invest in roofing materials that are impervious to corrosion (like aluminum sheets or copper) if your beachfront home will be exposed to a lot of salt.


Coastal areas are notorious for their high humidity levels. Air that is saturated with evaporating ocean water could become a serious problem when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your beachfront home's roof. High humidity levels could lead to condensation on your home's roof.

If you don't have the proper roofing materials installed, this condensation could cause your home's roofing materials to break down. Slate, aluminum, and copper roofing all have the ability to withstand corrosion when exposed to high levels of moisture, so these materials make great options for roofing systems on coastal homes.

Protecting your beachfront home against the elements should be a primary concern when selecting roofing materials. You want to install a roofing system that will not break down when exposed to high winds, salt accumulation, or high levels of humidity. The right roofing materials will protect your coastal home against structural damage and ensure your vacation property remains a relaxing place to spend time. To learn more, contact a company like Toth Roofing.