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Common Types Of Masonry Damage

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Homes that incorporate brick will require different maintenance than traditional wood homes. Understanding the basics about repairing and maintaining masonry can provide you with an advantage as you attempt to effectively care for your home.

Missing Bricks

Missing bricks is one of the more serious issues that your home's exterior could experience. When this type of problem occurs, it can cause the weight of the wall to become unevenly distributed. This will lead to damage occurring to the other bricks and mortar. Having the missing bricks replaced will be essential for preventing this localized issue from creating problems for the entire wall. During this process, the repair contractor will remove the old mortar so that a new brick and fresh mortar can be inserted into this space. Typically, matching the color of the replacement brick to the home's existing bricks, but an experienced repair technician will be able to match this as close as possible.

Flaking Mortar

The mortar will hold the bricks in place, and while it is highly durable, it will eventually degrade. When the mortar degrades, it may start to flake. This is a result of it becoming extremely brittle, and while some minor flaking may not seem like a serious issue, the mortar can rapidly deteriorate once this problem starts. The most common and effective method of repairing flaking mortar will be tuckpointing, as it will allow for the damaged mortar to be replaced without harming the brick. Quick repairs are needed to limit the extent of this damage, which can help to reduce the costs and extent of the needed repairs.


Brick and mortar that has become discolored can drastically alter the appearance of your home. If this is a problem that your house is experiencing, you might assume that it will be impossible to remove this discoloration. Yet, there are some fairly effective and affordable ways of performing this repair. If the discoloration is limited to the surface of the brick or mortar, pressure washing may be enough to remove it. However, deeper stains may need to be chemically treated to be removed. Regularly washing the brick and mortar will help to limit the risk of discoloration occurring int he future.

Keeping your home's brick in good condition is important for preserving the structural integrity of the home, its appearance along with its value. Being informed and ready to address missing bricks, flaking mortar and potentially unsightly discoloration, you can more effectively care for your home and keep it looking its absolute best. Contact a company, like Sposato Masonry, for more help.