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Three Preparations To Make When Purchasing A Log Cabin Kit

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Home kits used to be popular in the early 1900s. People with building skills would purchase a kit with all of the home building materials, including the lumber, then put together the home on their lot. Home building kits have made a comeback today, especially with those who desire small homes and those who want log cabin-like homes. If you want a log cabin home and you want to put in the work to build the home yourself or with family, you can still purchase a log home kit. This kit will be less than the price of land or even the foundation for the home in make cases. Before you put in an order for your kit, here are three preparations to make first. 

Be sure that the foundation will match the house 

Prior to picking out the log cabin kit and building it on your home site, you will need to have the proper foundation. Select the size that you want for your home, and remember to include any garage areas or patio areas that you will install separately. Have the foundation laid prior to the arrival of the home. Be sure that the foundation will support the home and will be prepared well before the home is brought to the site. 

Purchase more tools than you think you will need

Building a home is always complex, even with a kit and when you have built a home before. Aside from hammers, nails, drills, and saws, purchase tools that building contractors keep on hand. This will ensure that you are able to complete the home build without having to sneak off to the store for another tool, holding up construction on the home. Go over the tools that you own prior to the home kit arrival, and make sure to trade in anything that is corroded or broken for a better tool before the building comes. 

Alert the neighbors

Home kids are unable to come in small boxes due to the large and complex materials. This means that you may be blocking up a bit of the road when driving in your kit. While building, it is also sure to be loud with a lot of commotion. Alert your neighbors of the days and times when you will be building your home. This will give them a heads up that the road may be busy near your home site and that they will hear more noise than usual.