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Prepping For Hurricane Season? Tips To Protect Your Home's Windows

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If you live near the eastern and southeastern coastal areas of the United States, you probably already understand the potential dangers of hurricane season. Lasting six full months — from June 1 through November 30 — hurricane season is not the only time when these damaging storms can occur — post- and pre-season storms do sometimes occur. Instead, hurricane season is just the most common time frame for this type of weather event, as established through years of tracking and compiling data. 

Whenever a hurricane is expected, one of the first considerations homeowners have is preservation of the interior of their homes, and this requires keeping the windows intact and safe from the pressure of wind, driving rain, and flying debris.

If you looking ahead to the coming hurricane season and making plans to ensure your home is as prepared as possible to withstand hurricane season, this two-pronged approach may be just what you need. 

Install protective film on the inside glass surface

While sheets of plywood have traditionally been used to protect windows from hurricanes in the past, using an interior hurricane film product accompanied by an outer hurricane screen is a less cumbersome, more attractive window solution for inhabitants of hurricane zones. 

Similar to window films that provide privacy, hurricane films directly adhere to the interior surface to add strength and stability. Should the window break from the impact of wind or debris, the film helps to hold broken glass in place so that shards are less likely to be propelled into the interior of the home. 

Use hurricane screens on the exterior of the window

The second and most important part of this hurricane protection for windows is the addition of hurricane screens to protect the exterior surfaces of windows. Unlike shutters or plywood, which must be taken down between storms, hurricane shutters are designed to remain in place and can be easily rolled up, similar to rolling up an awning. 

Hurricane screens extend beyond the frame of the windows and attach with a special connection to better protect the entire surface. This makes them also practical to protect porches, balconies, and lanai openings. In addition to their ability to block rain and wind, a properly fitted and installed hurricane screen can also help block heat from the sun and make your home more energy efficient. 

To learn more about the benefits of hurricane screens and other forms of hurricane protection for your home, contact a reputable contractor who specializes in the installation of hurricane screens. Visit a website like for more information.