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Well Water Systems: Know The Parts To Know The Problems

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The best way to understand when and how something goes wrong with your well water system is to first know its parts. A modern well is comprised of three sections, and each section has its own components. If you have never had a well before, or you have never had to deal with a well before, here is a firsthand look at the sections and components that make up your well, and which ones might give you some trouble if you do not perform your water system maintenance. 

The Underground Section

This is the well itself. The whole of the actual well is underground. It consists of the hole in the ground down to the aquifer of water and the pump that is set in the well to help extricate the water for your use. Because it is a hole in the ground, you should expect that sediment might become an issue with the pump, and larger bits of sediment can block up the hoses that are used to collect the water and send it up out of the ground. Keeping these hoses clean and clear and keeping filters in the pump clean and clear ensures that you will not have too many problems with the underground section of your well. 

The Aboveground Section Between the Opening of the Well and the Holding Tank

Located between the hole in the ground and the holding tank where water is stored, this area is where all of the hoses and/or pipes for your well system exist. The hoses/pipes run from the opening of the well to the tank. They need to be kept free of debris, and they cannot be chewed, buried under heavy objects, or driven over. If they are chewed (because they are hoses and not pipes), your precious water will leak out everywhere and not make it to the holding tank. If boulders, rocks, trees, etc., fall on either hoses or pipes, they can cut off your water supply completely. If someone drives over the tops of the hoses or exposed pipes, even by accident, it will crush these components, and again, you will lose water and cut off your supply.

The Holding Tank and Pipes into the House

A well pump pumps water up and out into a holding tank close to your home. There, the water is stored until you turn on a faucet or activate an appliance that uses water. Not much can damage the tank, but the tank should be kept clean and free of rust. The pipes that run from the tank into the house need to be maintained so that a free flow of water is available.

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