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Your Gutter System: When It's Time For A Repair, Cleaning Or Replacement

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The gutters on your home protect your foundation and the surrounding landscaping from damage. Without gutters, the rain that falls on your roof is going to simply fall to the ground. You won't have the ability to divert water along the edge of your roof and down your water spouts, away from your home. When too much water accumulates near your foundation, this is going to weaken your foundation walls. You can end up with cracks in the foundation that will allow water to seep in. If water is slamming down from your roof onto your shrubs and flowers, it is going to damage your landscaping. Soil erosion is common when you don't control the flow of water from your home.

Gutter Installation Services in Your Area

Gutter installation services will take a good look at your home to estimate the cost of installing gutters on your home. If you have gutters already but they are damaged or the wrong size for your home, a new installation is going to serve all of your gutter needs. The cost will vary depending on the size of your home, the work involved, and the type of gutters you choose for your home.

When Your Gutters Get Clogged

Your gutters can get clogged when leaves fall or when small animals make a nest in your gutters. You should have your gutters cleaned twice a year to make sure water can flow through your gutters and doesn't have to flow over the top instead. You can try to clean your gutters on your own, but this can be difficult if your gutters are on the second floor.

If Gutters Pull Away from Your House

The brackets that hold your gutters in place can become loose, causing your gutter to pull away from the side of the house. Water will hit the ground because it won't flow along your gutter. You might notice a line of raindrops in the dirt after a storm or find that ice is building up between the edge of your roof and gutter. If your gutter is damaged, you may need to have new gutters installed to replace your existing system.

Gutters are an important feature on your home to take rainwater off your roof and away from your home. If your gutter system is old or you don't have any gutters, it's time to see how a gutter installation company like California Gutter Company INC. can help.