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Six Suggestions For A Custom Home Build Project

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Hiring a team of custom home builders to tackle a project should have you feeling excited. It's a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to tell professional home builders what your dream house ought to be. Before you jump in, though, it's a good idea to make sure you present them with a complete checklist. You may want to consider these six suggestions.

Pouring a Deeper Foundation for a Bigger Basement

Most basements are a bit cramped, but you're building a custom home, so that doesn't have to be a problem for you. Even an extra foot of foundation height can be a difference-maker for taller folks. This is especially the case if you plan to make use of a finished basement as an entertainment area, a game room, a bar or a workshop.

Upstairs Amenities

Lots of tasks in homes tend to be relegated to the basement or the first floor as a matter of practicality. If everyone has a bedroom upstairs, why should you be bothered with bringing the clothes downstairs, for example? Running lines for water, electric, and gas is easy when you're working with custom home builders, so you can put the laundry room upstairs. Other suggestions include a kids' room, a home theater or even an extra bathroom.

Closets and Storage

The old joke has always been that you have to get a bigger house as you accumulate more stuff. This is your chance to have all the storage you'll ever need. If you don't want to fight with your spouse over closet space, add another closet to the master bedroom.

In-Floor Heat

Heating options should be featured on your checklist. Why settle for a top-tier HVAC system when you go one level up with in-floor heating. The house is being built, and that means contractors will have easy access to the floors.

A Smart House

Automated homes are becoming increasingly popular. Most are retrofitted solutions, but you can tailor your setup to the house you're building. This means you can wire up a wide range of solutions, providing simplified control for lights, climate and security throughout your home.

Wide Open Spaces

While people often think of making the living room and the kitchen wider, folks often overlook other areas. Having wider hallways and stairs can make a major difference when you're moving things around or just have a lot of guests. Apply the same theory to any spot that felt cramped in your previous residence.

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