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Tips For Crane Inspections And Repairs

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When you are trying to get the best results from your building projects, it begins by working out the kinks with the equipment that you use. Right now, cranes are among the best and most useful tools that you can use for any sort of construction project. It’s important to not only use a crane, but get the best service from it by having it regularly inspected, seeking repairs when you need them, and working with some professionals that can help you use your crane as safely as possible. Read More»

Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood

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Using reclaimed wood on projects is about more than just aesthetics. If you’re looking to start a construction or renovation project, it can be great to use products like old barn wood. Let’s examine some of the benefits of using this approach on a job. Size Matters The consumption of most of the world’s virgin timber over the last two centuries has created a situation that sometimes surprises folks when they start major builds. Read More»

Prepping For Hurricane Season? Tips To Protect Your Home's Windows

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If you live near the eastern and southeastern coastal areas of the United States, you probably already understand the potential dangers of hurricane season. Lasting six full months — from June 1 through November 30 — hurricane season is not the only time when these damaging storms can occur — post- and pre-season storms do sometimes occur. Instead, hurricane season is just the most common time frame for this type of weather event, as established through years of tracking and compiling data. Read More»

Three Preparations To Make When Purchasing A Log Cabin Kit

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Home kits used to be popular in the early 1900s. People with building skills would purchase a kit with all of the home building materials, including the lumber, then put together the home on their lot. Home building kits have made a comeback today, especially with those who desire small homes and those who want log cabin-like homes. If you want a log cabin home and you want to put in the work to build the home yourself or with family, you can still purchase a log home kit. Read More»